Medium Power System

Remote area renewable power system

This system is at an island resort off the Queensland coast. Power consumption is more demanding than an average household and as a result the resort requires a large solar power system. The resort has six small units, a large kitchen and entertainment area, swimming pool, tennis court with lighting, large maintenance shed and laundry, and the permanent caretaker has their own fully self contained house. The system also pumps all of its own stored rainwater and it’s own greywater system.

Before the system was in place, the generator ran for eighteen hours per day. Every litre of fuel has to be transported via jerry cans in a five metre boat loaded by hand at the edge of the mangroves.

The system
The majority of electricity is generated by an array of thirty 165 watt SHARP photovoltaic modules mounted on array frames on the roof of the shed. This 5 kW array feeds power into a battery bank consisting of twelve EXIDE 4 volt, 1800 amp-hour batteries through two OUTBACK Maximum Power Point Tracking Regulators.

A 6kw SELECTRONIC interactive inverter/charger converts the extra low voltage DC electricity from the batteries to 240 volt AC electricity to power the resort. This combined inverter/charger has complete control of the silenced diesel generator, calling the generator online if the loads are excessive or the batteries require charging. This inverter can supply power from both generator and the battery bank for short term, very large loads.

The system has performed reliably, with the solar array providing around 85% of the energy required.

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